Month: February 2017

Tell me how to look at the way the shopping website profit

website: this topic is how to profit a lot, what is the main, you see what type of website, such as the most simple, we take the shopping website: a shopping website, how do we look at it profitable way, first, what you need is, your site for sale what is the goods! If it is similar with Taobao, all kinds of daily necessities, then your profit range is only a variety of life for people, for example, you are selling clothes website, you can not go to buy the domain name space people to do publicity, so unrealistic. read more

The customer is not buying it online selling diamond merchants to open the shop floor experience in

was originally intended to reduce the cost of sales through e-commerce, but consumers worry about online transactions of precious commodities, eventually leading to the product was left out in the cold. Kelan diamond helpless, announced last week in Chongqing, will be in Monument for Liberation "(experience) shop floor". In this way, the diamond can be displayed directly to the customer, the retail price can still be cheaper than the mall 50%.

Taobao shop ineffective

"Kelan diamond in 2009, Taobao opened a shop, but a few thousand dollars or even million yuan of bare diamond and diamond ring does not sell well." read more

How to analyze the target customer groups targeted

saying that the enemy can ever victorious.

war so, do marketing so, bubble sister also so. No matter what kind of attack, you need to continue to analyze the attack target, narrow the scope of the attack, pinpoint the critical point, and then use the most suitable ammunition, bang.

any analysis does not study, with a silly effort to move forward, are naive, the final result is a waste of resources. Because I really love you, so I came to your dormitory hem 999 candles to prove to you that this bold behavior was splashed with water to wash their feet a face is normal, no customer analysis, dare to put trick. This does not, the other big move "if you can do so" Murong Fu, you do not know, so here you go. read more

Kara shop treasure convenience store to the education community aunt

July 14th message, it is understood that from the beginning of July 5th, Kara shop treasure will jointly I bought the food network on every Saturday, timed launch ultra cheap goods panic buying in more than 200, at present the city 2 community shops.

it is understood that the shop treasure terminal, community residents need community convenience store brush bank card payment, you can online shopping shop treasure on the ultra cheap goods, including small appliances, foodstuff, Home Furnishing supplies, products and logistics by the partner I bought the food network to provide. Kara told billion state power network, in order not to compete with the convenience store, shop treasure platform will try to commodity and convenience stores have commodity area separated. read more

Baidu B2C platform online shop cool days use the CN domain name

The joint venture B2C cool days

August 12th Baidu news and Lotte has on-line beta today, there are some merchants settled.

music cool day shop page


shop has been assigned to have to search in Baidu, cool days of the shop location will enable the.Cn domain name, store format for The beta is only for businesses, goods shelves to display.

According to a

BiaNews appliance to reflect the cool days of many functions also can’t use now, till the end of the month will be opened for all functions. read more

Taobao to enter the first line of retail sales in Hangzhou 150 stores

the first batch of 150 licensed stores in Hangzhou

the first batch of 150 licensed stores in Hangzhou

news January 14th, today announced to enter the offline retail, the first batch of Hangzhou under the 150 line stores will be authorized and opened for business in January 16th, Taobao plans to years in the national community, the laying of more than 3 million authorized stores.

It is reported that

, Hangzhou Taobao offline store purchasing by and third party companies in Hangzhou to buy it together to build, buy it for specific operation, and is responsible for training, shop and settlement system structures. To this end, Hangzhou buy the company will invest 100 million of the funds. said that in the future the city domestic cooperation does not exclude the possibility in the local search for partners to join. read more

Mogujie com announced the completion of a new round of over two hundred million financing

[Abstract] after more than three years of development, has accumulated nearly 80 million users, mobile monthly active users over 35 million.

Tencent science and technology Hu Jun June 6th reported

recently, has completed a new round of more than two hundred million U.S. dollars of financing, investment valuation of $one billion. round of financing by several well-known investment institutions competing sought, and ultimately by Hopu investment, capital letters and several Zhi co lead investor in the fund, Qiming venture partners, IDG capital, Gao Rong capital fund also participated in the investment, let be concern about the continuing rise. Previously, has also been Bertelsmann Asia Investment Fund, loved the letter capital, Qiming venture partners and IDG capital and other investment institutions. read more

Amazon UAV express costs can be reduced to 1 in China is difficult to commercial

Amazon UAV delivery costs can be reduced to $1 in China is difficult to commercial

[TechWeb] April 13th news report, said in a study of Financial Research Company ARK Invest days ago, Amazon UAV delivery cost per piece can be reduced to only about $1 (about 6 yuan), equivalent to only a fraction of the current day of business. Many industry insiders pointed out that the future of UAV in express distribution will have a brilliant future, but because of policy, safety and other factors, Chinese difficult in five years to achieve large-scale commercial. read more

Only CPS advertisers happylili on line activities not to be missed

you only affiliate,

          hello! CPS advertiser happylili on the occasion of the only exclusive on-line, to the members of the League launched a sales award activities!

  where the monthly effective sales of more than 10000 yuan members, cash back to $300; more than 16800 yuan, cash back to $500; more than $20000, $700 in cash!

  station; more exciting content — "cosmetics selling would fall, the minimum counter price of 4 fold

  (activity page, a lot of activities, not to be missed! read more

7 into electricity supplier on the 7 days no reason to return policy threshold

Legal Evening News this morning, Beijing City Consumers Association released the results of a survey of 18 reported experience hot electricity supplier website – 7 multi platform network operator does not expressly information or incomplete information, as well as individual sites on the 7 days no reason to return to set up artificial barriers.

this experience survey selected Jingdong, Taobao mall, Amazon, Tmall,,, one shop, excellent shopping network, VANCL,,, Lasafo, wheat bags, easy fast network, SF preferred, pat Network, Gome online, intime network 18 home business website. read more