first_imgRabat – For two days in Rabat, the 2nd Moroccan Association of Teachers of English (MATE) language-planning seminar will attempt to gather the community of language experts in order to discuss the use of language in the manipulation of opinion and exercising of power.The Moroccan Association of Teachers of English is moving forward to organize the 2nd MATE language planning seminar from March 14th to 16th in Rabat. They will be partnering with the Hassan II Agronomic and Veterinary Institute. MATE is calling for the contribution of all the components of the language community to participate in this event.In its press release, MATE stated that this event will issue the use of language to manipulate opinion and exercise power. They call for the contribution of linguists, applied linguistics, communication professionals and teachers of communications and languages. Through this, they hope to take on the dual responsibility of sensitizing students and authorities to the features of language, and of influencing language-related decisions in the country. These areas include education, the media and politics.Following recent developments in the Moroccan language debate, MATE will address theses issues in a two-day seminar directed by the question, “Which language is appropriate for certain places and purposes in Morocco, and with what consequences?”The theme of the conference will be articulated through the issue of language instruction in all levels of education. This includes language instruction and translation in the sciences, research, and publication.The Moroccan Association of Teachers of English has integrated the language planning and language policy dimensions in its academic and professional traditions since the late seventies. These have become themes of national and international conferences as well as seminars.Edited by Jessica Rohan© Morocco World News. All Rights Reserved. This material may not be published, rewritten or redistributedlast_img