first_imgMarc Cucurella Saseta was born in Alella, Barcelona, make 21 years. With only four years I was already playing in a futsal team from your location The kid pointed good manners and his father, Oscar, decided to take him to make a try in Espanyol. They kept it, of course, and in the perica quarry remained six years. They say that Guillermo Amor and Alberto Puig were his discoverers, being convinced of the kid in a match against Damm. Then, Barça signed him for his cadet team. It was 2012. It was there that his costumes began calling him Cuckoo. Their football referentss always were Carles Puyol and David Luiz, and anyone would think that this is the reason why the Getafe player today wears that curly mane, but no. The cause why Cuckoo wear that mane it was for his mother, Patricia, who says she asked her son to bring something remarkable to differentiate good among all other children They were on a soccer field. That mane is already inseparable part of the image from Cucurella, the player that everyone distinguishes in a match thanks to his mother’s desire. Loaned by Barça in the Getafe, today he faces Real Madrid, which brings him good memories after his great game last year playing at Eibar. He thrashed 3-0 …last_img