first_imgThe University of Norwich keeps track of the doctors of the FIFA, which is willing to introduce temporary changes for players who receive blows to the head during a match. It was confirmed by the head of the FIFA medical committee, the Belgian Michel D’Hooghe: “The approval of temporary substitutions specifically for concussions is a possibility and something worth discussing.” The University of Anglia del Este, in Norwich, has initiated a study to measure the incidence of Alzheimer’s in soccer players and especially in the top finishers. The neurological department of the center is recruiting players over 50 years to start work. The former forward, Iwan Roberts, international with Welsh, has already signed up for the study.FIFA’s doctors have long been under the path of Alzheimer’s disease, a disease that occurs with some frequency among professional players once they reach old age. Great players from other times, like Puskas, Kubala or Muller suffered Alzheimer’s, although it is striking. the case of the historic England team that was proclaimed world champion in 1966. Three of its members, Martin Peters (74), Nobby Stiles (76) and Ray wilson, who died last year at age 83, were diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. The last case is that of a legend: Alan Shearer. The former player, 49, tells in the documentary of the BBC ‘Dementia, football and me’ that has been suffering for some time worrying memory losses. “Every goal that I scored with the head was preceded by a thousand equal shots in training”, says Shearer in the documentary.last_img