first_imgThe Royal Society takes care of all the details in this coronavirus crisis. It is not only about working the physical aspect in these 50 days without being able to leave home; It is also necessary to try to take care of the mental aspect of the players, that psychologically they are well prepared to live this complex situation and the progressive return to a new normality also in football. In this regard, the person who holds the key to a club like the one from Donostia is Imanol Ibarrondo, the coach of the Real’s first team, who is also in charge of working with other Zubieta athletes. He is a renowned sports psychologist who came to Real with Roberto Olabe after a fruitful job with the Mexico team.One of Ibarrondo’s tasks during this coronavirus crisis is to be in continuous contact with the players of the txuri-urdin team to help them mentally to better manage this situation. “I have been listening to all this time the word ‘I will resist’, which is linked to the word stoically, and it is a well-brought expression, because the Stoics for more than 2,000 years have been a master in the art of designing strategies or techniques to be able face adversities of life without being defeated by them “, explains Ibarrondo when asked about this global pandemic Ibarrondo explains each of his advice with examples and phrases from ancient philosophy. “Marco Aurelio, who was the most famous of the Stoics, would sum it all up in one sentence: you have power over your mind, not over external events, understand this and you will find your strength,” he points out. And adds: “Hopefully we can take advantage of this mandatory break to look inside, get a checkup, get to know each other a little better, discover your talents and abilities, and become aware of who you are being in this situation. Dedicate yourself a little to yourself.”The Real coach always resorts to small stories that have a simple moral. The one related to the coronavirus is the following: “There is a story of a scientist who was trying to fix the world, and his daughter asked him if he could help him, but at his insistence he gives her a world map in puzzle form to keep her entertained. His surprise was that after ten minutes the girl brought him the perfectly assembled world map, the girl told him that he knew nothing of the world, but that behind it was the silhouette of a human being, so I have fixed the man and the world has been fixed “says Ibarrondo. And then develops the teaching of the story. “Perhaps this situation is a great time to stop worrying so much about the world, to complain and regret looking for the guilty, and dedicate ourselves a little to our inner world, to be more patient, compassionate, understanding and tolerant; to improve the quality of relations with our people. Spending a little time caring for and fixing each person’s time a little can be decisive to fix everyone’s world. “Phrases, stories, teachings told in a slow and harmonious way that fills the players with peace and optimism, like more one has come to recognize. Any help will be little so that we do not go crazy these days, neither the players. The Real coach gives advice to the players on how to behave during these days without being able to leave home. “I hear a lot, you have to take this situation with philosophy, and I interpret it as taking it with serenity and acceptance of what cannot be changed. And I very much agree, because the Stoic philosophy summarizes it in that there are only three things that depend on us: our thoughts, judgments and interpretations that we make of the things that happen to us; The second is our emotions, which cannot be avoided and cannot be repressed, but which we have to control and regulate to prevent them from causing us to suffer unnecessarily, so that sadness, rage, anguish, fear or worry and the third is our actions, behaviors and attitudes. They are the three things that depend on us, everything else is out, “he explains.last_img