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Xining and Haibei pilot part of the county government to buy the social forces of food and Drug Safe

from the provincial food and drug administration, the provincial food and Drug Administration and the Provincial Department of Finance jointly issued the "government purchase food and Drug Safety Association service implementation measures to social forces" (hereinafter referred to as the "measures") and "the government to buy the social forces of food and Drug Safety Association service pilot work plan", from the month in the city of Xining and Haibei Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, part of the county government to carry out the pilot, buy food and Drug Safety Association of services to the social forces. read more

The traditional moon cake festival blooming delicacy

"this mooncake is nice and delicious. Sell it to me!" In September 14th, Xining Township interest farming culture ecological park, organized by the city district government, Chengbei District Science and Technology Bureau of sports and tourism of Qinghai folk traditional culture on traditional delicacy moon cake, moon cake moon cake festival in rural villagers making excellent flavor and taste, tourists eager to buy.

it is understood that the rich mid autumn festival activities, North District government, North District Science and Technology Bureau of sports and tourism organized a "mid autumn feast": invite people into the township interest stage large-scale theatrical performances, the country Handmade traditional moon cake and special snack exhibition, photography exhibition, martial arts, paper cutting, embroidery exhibition, Flower Concert also, open-air cinema and bonfire party, let tourists with interest, linger. Qinghai folk traditional moon cake and Exhibition for farm use Handmade, Monascus, fenugreek and other edible pigment, moon cake surface and manually made the "flower", the big steamer a large opening Steamed Buns unique blooming moon cake festival. read more

Bank of Qinghai to open up new markets for small businesses to open a variety of financing channels

Bank of Qinghai small enterprise credit center since May listing operation, to open up new markets, develop excellent customer groups, for small businesses, mortgage guarantees and other difficult problems, combined with the operating characteristics of small enterprises "urgent and frequent, less complex, giving priority to the development of small business financial services, have launched a cement bill of lading and mining rights pledge, pledge of warehouse receipts in a more flexible way of credit products, opened a variety of financing channels for small enterprises.
based on the investigation of the necessary procedures to meet the loan, the Bank of Qinghai small enterprise credit center to increase the investigation and inspection site for small businesses, multi-faceted enterprise to collect non financial information and soft information, detailed grasp of all kinds of small and medium-sized enterprises live, live data, efforts to simplify loan procedures, reduce approval procedures, shorten the the time of examination and approval, a full range to meet the demand for loans for smes. At the same time, strengthen cooperation with various intermediaries to solve the problem of small and medium enterprises guarantee for the loan companies to reduce security costs, reduce security and approval procedures. Reporters learned from the Bank of Qinghai in July 13th, as of June 30th, the balance of small business credit center reached 388 million 860 thousand yuan, an increase of $182 million 900 thousand over the beginning. Among them, the new issue of small business loans 67 pen, the amount of $141 million 450 thousand, the new issue of human loans 167 pen, the amount of $66 million 190 thousand to achieve loan interest income of 9 million 310 thousand yuan. read more

The name kitschy cool to attract customers

now the people’s curiosity is very serious, see a funny thing can not wait to join the fun, as businesses, consumers should also grasp the nature of the psychological, will make better business. So, take the name "kitschy cool" is more likely to attract customers, is a good shop named method.

a good name is a highlight of the external image of the business is the business of taste. An interesting new name will attract many customers to see what. The thirty-six meter sixteenth meter war "shop at large the better to apprehend him for the majority of beginners is a feasible. In the case of no word of mouth, a special "taste" name can play a role in consumption promotion to attract customers. read more

s Hao greatly fragrant chicken process introduction

crisp chicken is one of people’s consumption of people now, chicken market is increasing year by year, caused many investors to join, join the brand chicken small series here for your special recommendation is Hao greatly fragrant chicken. The first step is to join the Hao greatly fragrant chicken, Xiaobian to introduce you with specific Howard greatly fragrant chicken joined the process.

is Hao greatly fragrant chicken joined the process is as follows:

first, join consulting

1, message for Howard greatly fragrant chicken joined the data, a preliminary understanding of Howard greatly fragrant chicken business philosophy. read more

Top ten health foods

to fall, and people began to tonic time, nutritional supplements can not what a blind plug, but also need to choose more nutritious food, more in line with the tonic food. In short, in Eleventh Century but we pay more attention to the maintenance of this piece, personally think that maintenance emphasizes not only bought a lot more expensive cosmetics to cover up, but eat out of the maintenance, like old people without expensive cosmetics, skin is still very good, ruddy health, have a relationship with the kind of now, the real do more and more fine, there are good and bad side, today I introduce health food list ten. read more

Retailers do business services in place

although many operators know that we need to focus on business services, but in the actual operation of the process is very easy to ignore this point. In fact, if you want to make the retail business is good, but also the need for services in place. The so-called service in place, just as its name implies is to require the retail business to be careful service customers.

I would like to talk about the topic of service, many retailers do not agree, in their view, their hearts know the importance of service. And this is precisely the author needs to emphasize the problem, in reality, there are indeed a lot of retail customers to serve the importance of good customers, but the problem is difficult to put into action. There are a lot of retail households often regard the customer as God, but it is difficult to put into action. read more

How to join the clothing store online purchase

joined the clothing store is a lot of people want to do, because a lot of people for the garment industry investment is still very interested, so there are a lot of people know, online a lot of things are very cheap, even if the purchase is very cheap. So how do we purchase online?

join information about online clothing purchase channels, the supply of clothing is always the concern of most businesses join information. However, many businesses from mistakes, find that as long as the good sources, since you can sleep without any anxiety, in fact, find the source is on the one hand, the time of purchase to save money and clothing to join information businesses need to master the skills. So, we have to master the online clothing purchase channels: read more

Online shop to teach you how to retain customers

More and more people are now

in the online shop, the shop is also very fierce competition in the industry, effectively retain and maintain some tourist number of repeat customers is a very important thing, is also a successful shop open at all.

1, integrity is the sale of the

in terms of sales process or sales from the long-term interests, integrity is based on the book, the reason I do not say I believe we all know that.

2, attitude: to the customer’s problem to be positive, get his trust read more

Cigarette sales how to use cultural Dongfeng

although the shop wants to shop products have greater sales, but in the actual operation of the process, due to the impact of the environment, many shops business is not ideal. In the current environment, cigarette sales has been some impact, although the customer manager resorted to exhaust all the skills or some far.

after some effort, the total feeling of inadequacy, for these cases, the client manager should actively tap the cigarette itself contains deep cultural heritage, so that we can set off a new upsurge. Because each cigarette has a certain cultural background, if these background into them, then you will make the sales into the endless power, then let lingshouhu jiedongfeng opportunely. read more

Start on the road eventually defeated the net sale of soil egg thirty thousand or forty thousand mon

aimed at the excellent prospects of online entrepreneurship, he wants to gain a considerable career in the electricity supplier era. But the 3 venture failed for the 2 time, but he was more and more brave, and finally sold the eggs on the Internet, this time a lot of money, and finally succeeded in making money.

development community consumption

read more

Sohu Sina why Baidu have to dismantle Secret enterprise spin off behind the scenes

said the world trend, long hours, so is the Internet business, a car is a monopoly market, with Youku potatoes, 58 drops fast, another car is split multi business enterprise continuously.

The direct cause of

spin off that names a lot, enterprises and investors are given the answer is like the release of business highfalutin, vitality, such as decentralized operational risks, such as follow the trend of the times, although these are facts, but the fundamental reason is the trend of capital if the seek. read more

Blog seven anniversary of my these seven years

you see this sentence, see this article, that you are also concerned about the site.

March 21, 2016, Lu Songsong blog has gone through 7 years. This 7 years, I have seen a lot of people to the big coffee from the grassroots, also saw more grassroots silencing in Internet sites, every year on this day, to make an annual summary, today is no exception.

1, about reader

users always like this, a person’s enthusiasm for a particular site in general about three months, after three months, the user will change the number of 80%. The readers of Lu Songsong’s blog went a batch after batch, and the new people came to the group after another, there have been more and more new faces, and I do not know, the vast majority. read more

mprove the precision marketing strategies to understand three things

The lowest

what kind of marketing cost, precision marketing is clearly the first, the core of precision marketing is to watch the needs of the user, and then provide products and services, through the targeted marketing, can achieve a better flow conversion rate, this is better than the kind of precision marketing marketing wide net type A lot, but before the advent of the Internet, it is very difficult to achieve precision marketing, and with the wide application of the community as well as WeChat and other instant messaging tools, the precision marketing has been very good use. read more

Marketing website should have what function

marketing website refers to the modern network marketing concept as the core, to search engine optimization performance, good user experience as the standard, which can convert visitors to maximize the customer enterprise website. I believe that 99% of the enterprises do not for the purpose of appreciation to others, but in order to expand their business and promote their product.

marketing enterprise website first to comply with the rules of SEO, because at this stage, the search engine optimization ranking has become one of the most important means of website promotion. Therefore, to become a marketing website, there are some functions to be able to have: read more

Talk about the views of network promotion

Compared with the traditional way, the way of

network promotion is more challenging. Can give full play to their ability and skills, like when Milutinovic said, football is actually very simple, just kicked the ball into the goal, network promotion also is such, as long as the purpose of OK, the more flexible things the more active.

traditional media has penetrated the whole society, the society has almost a hollowed out, and not to say that there is no future, just ahead of the pace will become slower, and the investment is relatively large, so more and more companies and individuals will look to the more mature network, a company does not have its own network some Nabuchushou in contemporary society. Therefore, the number of website is more and more, this is the status quo and multitude an irreversible trend. How to make a lot of sites on their own website to maintain a good ranking and exposure on the need for a certain amount of wisdom and skills, in the domestic search engine is the most important way to find the site. read more

What are the detailed steps to open the shop Teach you the phone Taobao shop registration steps


mobile phone application updates in the future, and now we can easily set up on the phone Taobao shop, and how to operate it in detail, we look forward to the speed of my experience.

first, please put your phone on the Taobao client software updated to the latest version, and then log on their Taobao account, enter the Taobao application main interface. After logging on to the Taobao client application, click on the "my Taobao" menu, and then click on the "I’m seller" menu item read more

Advantage of using wiki platform to promote

, the full name of the strong participation, involving a wide range of users to browse the search for high probability.

two, the major search engines in the high weight, easy to be included.

this is a lot of webmasters in the use of Baidu encyclopedia and other wiki site edit entries as an effective promotion, but usually the threshold is high, the audit is not easy to pass.

general wiki website also has its center, focused on the content and knowledge on the one hand, to attract a large number of users to participate in editing, such as finance and Wiki, head of Wiki wiki names and so on, so the choice of webmaster promotion has different emphases. read more

n 2015 a large number of micro business secret die also pits than Taobao’s micro business trick

the whole 14 years, the number of derivative light will not hoard goods, micro business sellers? How to do, how many brands will not light investment counseling? How much training will teach method can’t light practice? 2015, micro business really dead? Is more and more difficult to do? I found a lot of methods the former are useless! What should I do?

yesterday, I had a meal with a brand on behalf of the total, chatted about her 14 years of experience. Said he was from the primary agent, do micro marketing to the total generation, resigned from the high salaries of beauty trainers, full-time to do the whole generation. Back to the company introduced the four generation, the company also invested in the speech, but also on the Mister wrote the book. But the crazy down throughout the company, to a monthly income of over one hundred thousand, in addition to several store owner, other people less and less. I can earn thirty thousand or forty thousand a month. This year, the two consecutive month of a product can not move. Not only that, but also their own team. read more