Israel PM Benjamin Netanyahu To Visit India in January

first_imgA little over six months after Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s visit to Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu, the prime minister of the Jewish state, is set to visit India from Jan. 14. Netanyahu’s visit in 2018 comes almost 15 years after Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon came to India in 2003. Sharon’s visit was the first by an Israeli Prime Minister after diplomatic relations were established between the two countries in 1992.Modi will receive Netanyahu in Gujarat, his home state. He had earlier welcomed Chinese president Xi Jinping and Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe in Ahmedabad in the state.Netanyahu will hold official meetings with top leadership in New Delhi on Jan. 15 and 16, while the detailed program is still being worked out, PTI reported.A visit to Mumbai is also on the cards for the Israeli leader on Jan. 17. He is likely to make a stop at the Jewish Chabad House, which was a site of the 2008 terrorist attack in Mumbai. During his visit to Israel, in a special gesture, Modi met Moshe Holtzberg, the child who lost his parents in the attack. Holtzberg was two years old at the time.Netanyahu may also make a stop at Agra before heading back to Israel on Jan. 18.He announced the visit during the winter session of Knesset, the Israeli parliament. “In the past year, I have visited all continents besides Antarctica,” he was quoted as saying in the opening session. “And in January, I will make a reciprocal visit to my dear good friend, Narendra Modi, the Prime Minister of India, whose population is a significant part of humanity.”Modi’s visit to Israel in July was termed “historic” by Netanyahu as it happened 25 years after the establishment of diplomatic relations between the two countries. In the July 5 press conference in Jerusalem, Modi invited Netanyahu to India “at a mutually convenient time.” Netanyahu said the invitation was “a deeply moving moment for me, both in personal, but also in national and international terms.”Since Modi’s visit to Israel, several measures have been taken to deepen the bilateral ties between the countries, including establishment of a $40 million joint fund to encourage Israeli and Indian business cooperation, agreements permitting and extending incentives to Bollywood filmmakers looking to shoot in Israel, efforts to promote growth in tourism, and a joint government project in the fields of water and agriculture.During Modi’s visit to Israel, he skipped a trip to Palestine. Many political analysts saw this as a sign of New Delhi’s changing stance on the Israel-Palestine issue. Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas was invited to New Delhi a few weeks before Modi visited Israel, and came to India on a four-day visit in May this year. Related ItemsBenjamin NetanyahuIsraelNarendra Modilast_img read more

Student Group Calls for Removal of Gandhi Statue in Canadian University

first_imgA statue of Mahatma Gandhi is at the center of debate once again, this time at Carleton University in Ottawa, Canada, the Hindustan Times reported.A campaign led by Kenneth Aliu, the president of Institute of African Studies Student Association (ASSA), calls for removal of Gandhi’s statue, and accuses the Indian leader of having practiced “racism” and “misogyny.” The debate came to the forefront after Aliu wrote an opinion piece for an independent weekly, Charlatan, in November last year, saying that it is “insufficient to state the obvious about Gandhi without questioning the legacy of the man we have collectively placed on a moral pedestal.”He called for the removal of the statue, and said that the racism shown by Gandhi, who referred to Blacks as “kaffirs,” equaled “his support of an entrenched caste system” and that his “sordid ideas extended to his beliefs about women.” The opinion piece led to events in the university that debated the removal, Vice reported.While talking of Gandhi’s “philosophy of non violence” in his article, Aliu said: “Gandhi was a racist. He utilized anti-Black racism as a weapon to bargain with the British about the subjugation of Indians living in South Africa.”He added: “How do we commemorate the socially marginalized, whose histories have been largely effaced through the mystification of rather violent, albeit nuanced historical figures? The removal of the statue is one way of correcting that history and re-thinking the narratives we tell—especially in an institution responsible for creating critical thinkers.”Aliu said that he started looking into this issue after protests were held at the University of Ghana in 2016 over a statue of Gandhi placed there, which the university subsequently removed. Similar debates have sprung up in the past in Grenada over a bust of Gandhi, and also California and London.The university administration isn’t likely to accept the call for statue removal, according to the Hindustan Times. Ottawa-based Mahatma Gandhi Peace Council (MGPC) in an email response to the publication said that the university president has assured them that the statue will remain. The statue was put up on the initiative of the MGPC. It was donated by the Indian government via the Indian Council of Cultural Relations. It was unveiled on Oct. 2, on Gandhi Jayanti, in 2011.MGPC’s president Rashmi Gupta accepted Aliu’s charge of anti-black racism against Gandhi, but added that those came before he evolved to become the Mahatma. She observed that the first statue of Gandhi in South Africa was unveiled in 1993 by anti-apartheid revolutionary and political leader, Nelson Mandela himself, the HT report added. Gupta also quoted Mandela as saying, “Gandhi must be forgiven those prejudices and judged in the context of the time and circumstances. We are looking here at the young Gandhi, still to become Mahatma, when he was without any human prejudice save that in favor of truth and justice.” Related ItemsCarleton UniversityMahatma Gandhiracismlast_img read more

Burn The Brat !

first_imgAn Indian couple in Green Bay, Wisc., has pleaded not guilty to burning their 7-year-old child with a hot spoon for misbehaving in school.Nandhini Devi, 32, and her husband, Anand Louis, 33, who immigrated under a year ago, are charged with child abuse, which carries a six year jail sentence.According to the criminal complaint, the parents were upset after school officials called to report their child’s misconduct and used a heated spoon to burn his leg. A school nurse reported the quarter-sized open wound on the boy’s right leg to police.“Mom was very angry and had the idea of killing me, but Daddy said, ‘No, we’ll just give you a burn you will never forget,’” the boy reportedly told investigators. He said he tried to break away from his mother, “but his father was holding onto him too tight,” the complaint added. Related Itemslast_img read more

Big B Taxed Over Taxes

first_imgAmitabh Bachchan is livid over media reports that do not show him among the top Bollywood taxpayers. Hrithik Roshan topped the taxpayer list for paying Rs 151 million in taxes in 2006-2007, followed by Shah Rukh Khan with Rs 140 crores. Akshay Kumar came in at Rs 67 million, Kareena Kapoor at 29 million and John Abraham at 29 million.Bachchan, who did not make the list, claims he should have topped it, having paid Rs 155.9 million in taxes. He added that his son Abhishek Bachchan has paid Rs 47.5 million and daughter-in law Aishwarya Rai paid Rs 50 million, for a family tax contribution of Rs 253 million ($6 million).Bachchan, 64, complained, “I’m surprised by the report and I’ve serious doubts about its authenticity. Because my name isn’t mentioned anywhere among the top most taxpayers of the entertainment business. This gives the utterly false impression that I make pots of money and don’t pay up enough taxes.” “If you look at the figures for the year 2006-2007, you’ll see Amitabh, that’s yours truly, has paid Rs 14.15 crore and from our company AB Corp Ltd where all the earnings are mine, we’ve paid Rs 1.44 crore. And yet they’ve put Hrithik as the top most taxpayer! Even if you take my tax figures individually I still top.”All right. Would you like to pay my taxes too Amitabh?  Related Itemslast_img read more


first_imgAn online game, titled “ICED: I Can End Deportation,” a play on the bureau of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), the government agency responsible for arresting and deporting illegal aliens, seeks to educate players about the unjustness of U.S. immigration policy. The free game developed by Breakthrough.TV, a New York based human rights and arts group, targets high school and college students. In the game immigrant teens dodge immigration officers in pursuit of them and have to make quick moral decisions and take fact quizzes on immigration policies.   Related Itemslast_img read more

The Indian Stock Mrket Losses

first_imgIndian stocks hvae notched up the worst performance this year compared to their BRIC nation peers – Brazil, Russia and China.According to an analysis of MSCI Barra indices, which tracks worldwide stocks, the Indian stock market posted losses of 41% in the first half of this year, compared to losses of 25.55% and 10.15% in China and Russia respectively and a marginal gain of 0.13% in Brazil.  Related Itemslast_img

Maradona 2nd Greatest

first_imgFootball superstar Diego Maradona, who led Argentina to the 1986 World Cup title, says his charity visit to India was the second most important thing he has done after playing for the Italian club Napoli. “After Napoli, it was the greatest thing that’s happened to me,” said Maradona said, who was in the country to promote the sport and inaugurate a football school in Calcutta.  Related Itemslast_img

9 Cool Companies in Toronto Hiring Now

first_imgEditor’s Note:  The companies and jobs highlighted in this article are curated by the editorial staff, listed in no particular order, and do not necessarily reflect the official methodology of Glassdoor’s official awards or honors. For more details about how companies and specific roles are considered for editorial coverage, please visit Glassdoor for Employers. For a few months now, many American’s have been joking about moving to Canada — but there now may be a genuine reason to consider packing your bags: tons of awesome jobs across the northern border. According to Canada’s official website, there are about 100,000 open jobs, from part-time to management, retail to government.Canadian employees, according to Glassdoor reviews, applaud companies that have good benefits, availability of training, flexible and friendly work environments, strong leadership, strong sense of purpose and opportunities for personal development. How exciting! We took a look at the 25 Best Places to Work in Canada to pull out 9 cool offices that are looking for new talent — both in the U.S. and in cities like Toronto, Ottawa, Edmonton, and Quebec.Feeling up for an adventure? Canada is calling.1. Magna InternationalCompany Rating: 3.7Benefits & Perks: In addition to excellent health insurance and a pension plan, Magna provides employees with information which will enable them to compare their total compensation, including wages and benefits, with those earned by employees of direct competitors and local companies. If an employee’s total compensation is found not to be competitive, Magna will adjust the employees total compensation.What Employees Say: “Great support from management! Such a diverse workforce with varying backgrounds yet all get along and support each other. The moral, the atmosphere is great! The benefits and emphasis the company puts on its employees is amazing. The Huge support for employee health and safety is the best I have seen or even heard of from any comparable environment.” —Current EmployeeSee Open Jobs2. University Health NetworkCompany Rating: 3.6Benefits & Perks: From job training and tuition to on-site massages and free snacks, University Health Network goes above and beyond the normal perks to provide its employees with a well-rounded benefits package.What Employees Say: “Great environment to interact with a variety of clinicians and specialists. Being an excellent clinician is the standard so people who join and don’t meet the expectations are weeded out by their own accord or don’t move within the organization. Definitely challenging in a good way- basic skills that would work in a private clinic won’t do when working in this setting. Seems to be a lot of focus engaging staff and opportunities for learning.” —Current ClinicianSee Open Jobs3. ManulifeCompany Rating: 3.7Benefits & Perks: Because benefits are their business, it’s no surprise that Manulife has a top-notch benefits package. They provide flexible benefits program to suit employees’ families or lifestyles, plus financial planning, educational assistance, remote working, performance bonuses and on-site massages.What Employees Say: “Senior management committed to evolving our company to compete in the digital age by becoming more customer-centric. Opportunities to gain strong experience, growth, and company mobility for those who can drive and implement change.” —Current EmployeeSee Open Jobs4. Earls Kitchen + BarCompany Rating: 3.7Benefits & Perks: On top of on-the-job training, employees at Earls Kitchen + Bar enjoyed 50% off food, health insurance, sick leave, a standard parental leave policy, great bonuses and a buzzing company culture.What Employees Say: “From the moment I was hired at Earls Test Kitchen, I was given a training session that would stick with me forever. Throughout my 3 years of serving part-time at the Test Kitchen, I felt a strong sense of family that I’ve never experienced before in an establishment. As a server, I appreciate how the company’s operations remain strict and organized. Overall, I would recommend Earls Kitchen + Bar to anyone looking to work hard and have fun. The culture of this company is refreshing.” —Former ServerSee Open Jobs5. SoftchoiceCompany Rating: 3.7Benefits & Perks: One employee review says it all about Softchoice’s benefits package: “Great comprehensive benefit package. Dental, vision, health, RRSP matching, vacation days. It really doesn’t get much better than what is offered at Softchoice.”What Employees Say: “Training is second to none. You will walk out of there smarter and prepared for a job in IT regardless if you stick around or not. Great people, can really count on making some friends there. Lots of free food and booze, who can say no to that! Work hard and definitely play hard environment. Culture is amazing.” —Former Territory Sales RepresentativeSee Open Jobs6. Fairmont Hotels & ResortsCompany Rating: 3.9Benefits & Perks: Fairmont caters to the travel junkies in their employee ranks thanks to perks like discounts on hotel amenities and services, deals on flights with top airlines, plus a friends and family rate for in-network hotels.What Employees Say: “They really care about employees and have good benefits. The travel benefits are great. Lots of room for advancement if you are willing to relocate.” —Current EmployeeSee Open Jobs7. PCL ConstructionCompany Rating: 3.9Benefits & Perks: PCL’s Flex Benefit Program provides choices so employees can select the best coverage for them and their families. Every year, PCL provide employees with an amount of pre-tax flex credits to buy group benefits. Employees spend these flex credits together with payroll deductions to purchase benefits coverage.What Employees Say: “At the start of my career I worked as a subcontractor and was able to experience working for all the major General Contractors. It did not take me long to realize that PCL was the best in the business. The employee ownership of the company tied into my goal of working for myself with added benefit of working for one of the largest General Contractors in North America. PCL has a diverse employee group along with access to the most challenging projects to build a career on.” —Current Project ManagerSee Open Jobs8. Investors GroupCompany Rating: 3.7Benefits & Perks: According to employee feedback, Investors Group offers a standard package of health insurance, vision and dental along with the option to work from home, have flexible work hours and stock options.What Employees Say: “Great compensation, competitive products makes it easy to beat the competition. My previous career was in the restaurant business. The training I received was outstanding and has allowed me to build an outstanding practice. I get to earn the money I want and spend time with my growing family.” —Current Financial ConsultantSee Open Jobs9. MNP LLPCompany Rating: 3.9Benefits & Perks: As a leading national accounting, tax, and business consulting firm with more than 65 offices and 4,000 team members across Canada, MNP prides itself on a strong employee engagement and being a performance culture. They support employees with a robust health insurance plan, gym memberships, sick leave, job training and tuition assistance as well as a strong pension plan.What Employees Say: “Very friendly and approachable environment. From bottom to top, it really is an open-door policy. Everyone is eager to take the time to help out! Great support for CPA. When you’re hired, you’re assigned a mentor who has already completed the program to help with time management, case writing, study tips, etc. OT is banked one-to-one, which is a big plus! You’re rewarded for hard work and it gives you time to take a vacation or to study in the summer. Travel opportunities – whether from international clients or secondments, team members are all over the place. I was lucky enough to travel to the US twice and to Asia last busy season, and others traveled to Europe and South America for work. HR is super helpful bringing new hires into the firm and getting everyone comfortable with the transition to work life. Going forward, they are always looking for ways to improve the workplace. The fun culture is the best part! The people I work with are so chill and down to Earth. I’m always looking forward to the next party or work event!” —Current Audit Team MemberSee Open Jobslast_img read more

Don’t Have Professional References? Here’s What to Do

first_imgSee More Jobs Director, Advanced Technology Policy General Motors United States Though a solid resume and strong interview might help bring you closer to landing a job, the company you’re talking with might choose to check up on you independently before extending an offer. If you’ve been in the workforce for quite some time and have compiled a long list of contacts, this won’t be a problem. But what if you’re brand-new to the workforce, or had a previous job but left it on bad terms? Or what if you only worked for a company that just plain prohibits employees from serving as references? In any of these scenarios, you might have a challenge ahead of you.But here’s the good news: If you’re willing to get creative, you might manage to eke out a few references who can help you land the job you’re after. Here’s how to approach that task depending on where you are in your career.If You’re a Recent GraduateMany job candidates who are fresh out of college go into their searches with no actual work experience under their belts. If that’s the case, then don’t worry — you’re not out of options. For one thing, you can ask your former professors to vouch for your hard work and character, especially those you’ve gotten to know pretty well. You can also ask your old track team coach, play director or whatever person you interacted with in a non-academic but meaningful setting.Furthermore, if you have a neighbor or family friend you ever worked for, whether in the context of babysitting, dog-walking or snow-shoveling, don’t hesitate to tap that resource. You may not have held down a job with that person in the traditional sense, but if that individual is willing to talk about what a reliable person you are, that may just do the trick.Remember, most employers are reasonable when it comes to getting references from new graduates. After all, you can’t be expected to whip out a list of corporate hotshots who will vouch for you if you’ve never worked in an office — so don’t be shy about going the aforementioned route.On the other hand, if you worked a part-time job or had an internship during college, you’re in luck, because the folks you reported to can easily serve as references. It doesn’t matter if you’re applying to an accounting firm and the reference you’re providing is your old manager from the campus cafeteria — if that person is able to confirm that you showed up on time every day to wash dishes, and maintained a good attitude throughout, it’ll help make your case.11 Surprising Jobs With No Experience RequiredIf You’re a Seasoned EmployeeIf you’ve already held down at least one full-time job, you’ll probably be held to a different standard than a recent college graduate when it comes to references. But don’t despair if you can’t look to your former colleagues, whether because you left on poor terms or they’re prohibited from promoting you as the solid employee you were — there are other resources at your disposal.First, reach out to those associates you met through professional channels, like business conferences, but never actually worked with. While those folks won’t be able to confirm that you consistently exceeded expectations and met deadlines, they can speak to your industry knowledge and passion. And that could be enough to get a prospective employer to take a chance on you.You can also try getting in touch with former colleagues who are no longer at the company you worked at together. If that’s the case, then the ban on serving as references probably won’t apply.If you’re a little more desperate, you might ask your landlord, roommate or longtime friend to jump in and help. All of these people can speak to your character, and if your skill set is strong, an employer might be willing to give you a shot in the absence of more traditional references.Though not every company will insist on professional references, if you’re looking for work, you’ll need to be prepared to hand over some names. So do your legwork in advance and compile a list, even if it’s a fairly short one. Otherwise, you might get caught scrambling — and risk losing an otherwise great job in the process.Related Links:7 Ways to Maximize Your IncomeForget Mars: The City of Tomorrow Will Be in Arizona3 In-Demand Jobs That Let You Work RemotelyThis article was originally published on The Motley Fool. It is reprinted with permission.Browse Open Jobs 23 hours ago 23h 23 hours ago 23h N/A 23 hours ago 23h 3.5★ N/A Registered Nurse (RN) – Charge Nurse – $7,000 Sign On Bonus EmpRes Healthcare Management Gardnerville, NV LCPC – Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor Above and Beyond Family Recovery Center Chicago, IL 23 hours ago 23h RN, Registered Nurse – OP Chemotherapy CHRISTUS Health Houston, TX 23 hours ago 23h 2.5★ 23 hours ago 23h 4.5★center_img 23 hours ago 23h Interior Designer – St. Louis & Dallas Oculus Saint Louis, MO 4.7★ 23 hours ago 23h Service Advisor Prime Motor Group Saco, ME 3.4★ 23 hours ago 23h Registered Nurse Supervisor RN Waterbury Gardens Nursing and Rehab Waterbury, CT Administartive Assistant Sentry Mechanical Pittsburgh, PA Deli Associate F&M Deli & Restaurant Mount Laurel, NJ 23 hours ago 23h 2.3★ ICU Registered Nurse Del Sol Medical Center El Paso, TX 3.1★ 2.8★last_img read more

How to End the Perfect Cover Letter

first_img 23 hours ago 23h Registered Nurse Supervisor RN Waterbury Gardens Nursing and Rehab Waterbury, CT 23 hours ago 23h 3.5★ N/A 3.4★ Interior Designer – St. Louis & Dallas Oculus Saint Louis, MO Hot New Jobs For You 23 hours ago 23h 2.5★ Registered Nurse (RN) – Charge Nurse – $7,000 Sign On Bonus EmpRes Healthcare Management Gardnerville, NV 23 hours ago 23h RN, Registered Nurse – OP Chemotherapy CHRISTUS Health Houston, TX 4.7★ 23 hours ago 23h 23 hours ago 23h Service Advisor Prime Motor Group Saco, ME 4.5★ Deli Associate F&M Deli & Restaurant Mount Laurel, NJ 2.8★ 3.1★ Administartive Assistant Sentry Mechanical Pittsburgh, PA N/A Pest Control Technician United Pest Solutions Seattle, WA 23 hours ago 23h View More Jobs 23 hours ago 23h Director, Advanced Technology Policy General Motors United States 23 hours ago 23h LCPC – Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor Above and Beyond Family Recovery Center Chicago, IL You’ve written an amazing intro and compelling body copy that perfectly highlights your achievements, but you’re having a hard time making it through the final stretch — “How in the world do I end this cover letter?” you might be thinking to yourself. The truth is, closing a cover letter is a difficult task for many job seekers. There’s a lot of pressure because, sometimes, the cover letter is the only piece the recruiter will read.If you want to land an interview with your cover letter, you don’t want to sound vague or wishy-washy. Your cover letter should illustrate why you are the best fit and how you will help the company or organization reach success. However, when writing the closing paragraph of your cover letter, it’s easy to have a passive voice, because you don’t want to appear overconfident. For example, if you say, “I look forward to hearing from you,” that’s great — but that alone doesn’t seal the deal. The closing paragraph of your cover letter must be one of the strongest elements because it is the last impression you leave in the reader’s mind.Here are five phrases to include in the final paragraph of your cover letter that will help you seal the deal for your next interview.Examples for How to End a Cover Letter1. “I am very excited to learn more about this opportunity and share how I will be a great fit for XYZ Corporation.” Strong cover letter closings are enthusiastic and confident. You want the reader to have the impression you are truly passionate about the position and working for their company. This statement will also illustrate your ability to fit into the company culture and how your personality and work ethic is exactly what they’re looking for.How to Write a Cover Letter2. “I believe this is a position where my passion for this industry will grow because of the XYZ opportunities you provide for your employees.” It’s always a good idea to explain what you find attractive about working for the company and how you want to bring your passions to the table. By doing this, you can illustrate how much thought you dedicated to applying for the position and how much you care about becoming a part of the company.3. “If I am offered this position, I will be ready to hit the ground running and help XYZ Company exceed its own expectations for success.” By adding this piece to your conclusion, you will be able to add some flare and excitement to your cover letter. The reader will become intrigued by your enthusiasm to “hit the ground running.” Employers look for candidates who are prepared for the position and are easy to train. Therefore, this phrase will definitely raise some curiosity and the reader will want to discover what you have to offer for their company.4. “I would appreciate the opportunity to meet with you to discuss how my qualifications will be beneficial to your organization’s success.”Remember, you want to make it clear in your cover letter how the employer will benefit from your experience and qualifications. You want to also express how your goal is to help the organization succeed, not how the position will contribute to your personal success.How to Master the Art of Bragging Like a Pro5. “I will call you next Tuesday to follow up on my application and arrange for an interview.”The most essential part of your closing is your “call to action” statement. Remember, the purpose of your cover letter is to land an interview. Don’t end your cover letter saying you’ll hope to get in touch. Explain to the reader the exact day and how you will be contacting them. When you state you will be following up with the employer, make sure you do it!Remember, the closing of your cover letter is the most important element that will help you land your next interview. By crafting a strong, confident and enthusiastic closing paragraph, you will leave the reader feeling like you would be the best candidate for the position. 5.0★ 23 hours ago 23hlast_img read more

Man Utd slammed for snubbing women’s football

first_imgFormer Everton Ladies goalkeeper Rachel Brown-Finnis has slammed Manchester United over their lack of a womens team.Near neighbours Manchester City’s impressive backing of women’s football has increased the scrutiny on United.”I think it is shocking that in 2017 a club the size of Manchester United does not have a women’s team, and what is even worse is they will not properly explain their position,” the Burnley-born 36-year-old told BBC Sport.”Look around the world and every other major football club has a women’s team, or plans for one. Two of the biggest, men’s Champions League finalists Real Madrid and Juventus, are about to set up theirs.”Most of those teams are fully integrated with the rest of the club and being backed financially too – a few miles from Old Trafford, for example, Manchester City’s commitment to their women’s side is clear.”last_img read more

Watford chasing Middlesbrough fullback George Friend

first_imgWatford are chasing Middlesbrough fullback George Friend.The London Evening Standard says Watford have turned their attentions to Middlesbrough defender Friend after refusing to meet Arsenal’s £15million valuation for Kieran Gibbs.Middlesbrough are willing to do business for Friend at around £8m. Watford are yet to make a formal offer at that level, however, given Friend is 29 years of age but the transfer is still under consideration by senior figures at Vicarage Road.Friend started 20 Premier League matches last season as Middlesbrough were relegated from the top flight. He has been at the club since 2012 and is primarily a left-back but can also play at centre-back, which adds extra appeal for new Watford boss Marco Silva.last_img read more

Arsenal Alexis, Ozil contract plans hit by massive regulation blow

first_imgArsenal’s new contract plans for Alexis Sanchez and Mesut Ozil have been hit by a massive regulation blow.The Sun says the Gunners risk breaching Premier League wage rules if the pair ink their mooted record deals.And if the Gunners do manage to tie down the attacking duo they may be forced to offload other players to ensure they meet the short term cost control regulations.Teams in the English top-flight are allowed to increase their wage budget by £7million each year.And it is believed that Arsenal are offering Sanchez and Ozil £280,000 a week – which would roughly amount to £15m after a year.This is more than double the amount that they are allowed to increase their wage budget by each year.But clubs are allowed to exceed this budget if they can make up the excess fee through player sales or external revenue.And if Sanchez and Ozil do agree to new deals, it is unlikely they will be able to cover excess fees through matchday or commercial revenue.last_img read more

AC Milan outline ambitious plans to Real Madrid playmaker Isco

first_imgAC Milan have approached Real Madrid over a price for Isco.Aware of Isco’s drawn out contract negotiations, Milan have sounded out Real about the midfielder’s availability. The Rossonero have also asked for James Rodriguez.Isco is demanding a massive pay-hike and playing assurances before committing to a new Real deal.Milan have also spoken to the midfielder’s camp, outlining a plan for coach Vincenzo Montella to make the Spain international their prime No10 and to build his team around the player.Isco’s situation is expected to accelerate next week with the players due back for preseason training.last_img read more

The MHTF Advisory Group and New Fact Sheet

first_imgPosted on June 25, 2009August 17, 2016Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window)Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window)Click to email this to a friend (Opens in new window)Click to print (Opens in new window)The Task Force has assembled an eminent group of experts to act as an Advisory Group.  (See the new page listed above.) We are pleased that we will be able to call upon this group to provide input on the activities of the MTHF, to link the Task Force with ongoing initiatives, and to help us identify opportunities for accelerating progress on maternal health.The goals and work of the Task Force are described in our new Fact Sheet which you will always be able to find in our sidebar under “Resources.” We encourage you to have a look and to forward it to your maternal health colleagues and others who may be interested in our collective work.Share this: ShareEmailPrint To learn more, read:last_img read more

Melinda Gates Answers Your Questions

first_img ShareEmailPrint To learn more, read: Check back later for the second installment!Share this: Posted on January 11, 2012August 15, 2016Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window)Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window)Click to email this to a friend (Opens in new window)Click to print (Opens in new window)Last week, we linked to an opportunity to submit questions for Melinda Gates and Nick Kristoff as Ms. Gates travels throughout Bangladesh. This week, Impatient Optimists has posted the first of the responses. A second installment will be published soon.Her responses from part one include thoughts on how people of average means can make a difference and monitoring progress on Gates funded projects:I believe that each of us can do important and meaningful work to make the world a better place. It’s not about the money. It’s about using whatever resources you have at your fingertips to try to improve the world.The foundation is data-driven in everything we do, from making grants to estimating and evaluating their impact. For example, here in Bangladesh, we are funding several research studies to better understand which viruses and bacteria cause the most cases of pneumonia. Only by generating solid data will we be able to make well-informed decisions. And, of course, we need to know if our work is having impact. Measurement and evaluation is built into every single grant so we can analyze the results of programs that we fund.last_img read more

Keeping Up With Cuba: Mother-to-Child HIV Transmission in the Caribbean

first_img ShareEmailPrint To learn more, read: Posted on July 27, 2015June 12, 2017By: Francesca Cameron, Program Assistant, the Wilson Center’s Maternal Health InitiativeClick to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window)Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window)Click to email this to a friend (Opens in new window)Click to print (Opens in new window)Fear of mother-to-child transmission of HIV and other infectious diseases has been used as an excuse to deny women health care around the world. Some women living with HIV have even been sterilized without their knowledge. But with proper treatment, the chances of transmission to an unborn child are very low in many cases. The World Health Organization (WHO), in fact, just declared Cuba the first country to eliminate mother-to-child transmission of HIV and syphilis.The news has generated disparate reactions. Some are celebratory, others more dubious. Few have expressed much shock or surprise, however. There are a couple of reasons for this. First, while not perfect, the Cuban national health care system produces significant positive health outcomes. Second, other countries have met the same standards for eliminating transmission; they just haven’t been recognized by the WHO.“Elimination,” in this case, does not equate to zero transmission. According to the WHO, “elimination of transmission is defined as a reduction of transmission to such a low level that it no longer constitutes a public health problem.” In Cuba, a low-level mother-to-child transmission rate means that “less than two percent of children whose mothers have HIV are born with the virus.”How Did Cuba Do It?Many public health experts attribute Cuba’s success to its universal health care and system of “consultorios” and “policlinicos,” which are essentially well-resourced clinics integrated into local communities. Consultorios provide primary care, and policlinicos provide secondary care.Melissa Marzán, a Puerto Rican epidemiologist, was impressed by her visit to a maternity home in the Matanzas province of Cuba. In an interview with the Maternal Health Initiative, Marzán described the home as “a link between communities and the hospital,” with the capacity to serve around 5,000 at-risk pregnant mothers each year. The home uses an “ecological model,” meaning that it accounts for many of the factors that affect maternal health, from placenta previa to exercise. It offers a wide array of programs on the changing needs of mothers at different stages of pregnancy, including educational trainings on nutrition and breastfeeding as well as more targeted programs, such as those for adolescent mothers. Due to Cuba’s nationalized system, all these programs are free.While the maternal home in Matanzas is just one example, it represents what makes the consultorios and policlinicos so successful. They deliver accessible, free health services directly to communities rather than forcing people to travel several miles to the closest hospital, and they apply a comprehensive, woman-centered approach that addresses both individual and social determinants of health.Friendly CompetitionIn what seems like a push for additional countries to go through the validation process, the WHO acknowledges that others have achieved similar reductions in transmission. These countries include: Anguilla, Barbados, Canada, Montserrat, Moldova, Puerto Rico, Thailand, and the United States. Many, like the United States, have simply not sought validation.Given this, not everyone is placing Cuba on a pedestal. Puerto Rico is using the increased regional attention to highlight its own gains. “Without wanting to detract from what our brothers in Cuba celebrate today, we celebrate that in Puerto Rico we have eliminated HIV transmission from mothers to infants since 2011; and in the [Center for Mother and Child Studies], we did since 2003,” Dr. Carmen Zorrilla, director of the Center for Mother and Child Studies at the University of Puerto Rico, told El Nuevo Día.Few people know better about the state of mother-to-child transmission in Puerto Rico than Zorrilla. She started the first longitudinal clinic in the country for women living with HIV and is the director of the Center for Mother and Child Studies, which offers extensive prenatal care and treatment options for HIV-positive pregnant women, including antiviral treatment for mothers and infants, Caesarean sections, and formula instead of breastmilk. The center’s open door policy has allowed it to prevent HIV transmission to more than 500 infants in the past 12 years.Puerto Rico presents an interesting comparison to Cuba due to differences in health care systems and regional roles. Since Puerto Rico is an American territory, one might expect the health system to benefit from a close relationship with the United States. However, on top of a mounting $73 billion debt, the country is suffering from a crisis caused in part by differential Medicaid and Medicare reimbursements.What’s Next for the Caribbean?As of 2011, 79 percent of HIV-positive pregnant women in the Caribbean received antiretroviral treatment. While this level of coverage is impressive, the region still has the second-highest HIV transmission rate after sub-Saharan Africa and a long way to go before reaching the WHO validation requirement of more than 95 percent coverage.Cuba’s example, and the recognition it has received, may encourage other countries to seek WHO validation. Cuba and Puerto Rico have demonstrated different ways to reduce mother-to-child transmission. However, a universal need, according to Marzán, is comprehensive, community-accessible health facilities and consistent and widespread data collection.Sources: AVERT, The Daily Beast, El Nuevo Día, Joint United Nations Program on HIV/AIDS, Journal of the American Board of Family Medicine, New Vision, Noticias 24/7, Washington Post, The Well Project, World Health Organization.“Moncada Health Clinic” © 2010 PBS NewsHour, used under a Creative Commons Attribution license: post originally appeared on The New Security Beat, blog of the Environmental Change and Security Program at the Wilson CenterShare this:last_img read more

5 ways to improve your freelance portfolio

first_imgThis is a post from a member of the Freelancers Union community. If you’re interested in sharing your expertise, your story, or some advice you think will help a fellow freelancer out, feel free to send your blog post to us here.Setting yourself up as a freelancer can be tough.After all, how will customers know to trust you when you don’t have much of a portfolio to show them? It’s still possible to improve your portfolio and get yourself into a better position, so don’t give up yet.Use these 5 tips to get your freelance book in top shape.Find lower-paid workThe first thing to do is to look for clients who don’t mind having someone with less experience do the work. This is perfect for portfolio-building, but won’t make you too much money. Usually they are on a tight budget themselves, and they will expect good quality work all the same. Make sure you put the same amount of effort in that as you would for a well-paying client, and you can use this work to fill your portfolio. Make sure that they agree for you to showcase the work before you start. You can find a range of jobs on sites like Gumtree to get you started.Work for yourselfIf you don’t have specific examples in your portfolio, or you feel that the examples you have could be better, don’t be afraid to work for yourself. Create a brief as if you were a client, and work to it in order to create something for your portfolio. It doesn’t matter what field you are in – you can do this work off your own back to get a better example for future clients. Once you have something better from a real client, you can replace it, but it’s a great way to get that portfolio into better shape right away.Look at othersWhen you are trying to improve your portfolio, it’s a good idea to understand the general standard in your industry. Search out the people who are considered to be the top freelancers in your field. What do they have in their portfolio? What kind of quality do they hold themselves to? Are there any key errors you didn’t realise you had been making? Try to bring your portfolio up to the same level so that you can attract top-quality clients.Consider presentationEven the best portfolio in the world can be brought down by poor presentation. Make sure that your portfolio satisfies the following criteria:It is easy to readThe interface is user-friendlyYour work is presented at full resolution, if applicableIt can be seen on mobile or desktopIf a downloadable file, it is compressed to save roomIt carries a clear and identifiable brandBe selectiveThere is a saying that your portfolio is only as good as the worst piece of work that it contains. This is very true. You should ensure that you only put your best work in your portfolio: the work that you are proud of and would be happy to produce again. As soon as you have something new to add, consider taking out at least one piece that is no longer of the standard of your overall portfolio. Your collection of work should be constantly evolving as you improve in your work and do better pieces. It should also showcase your most prestigious clients and your most up-to-date work, so never let it get out of hand by leaving too many entries. Keep it to a strict maximum limit to ensure quality control.Once you have followed these steps, your portfolio should be something that you can be proud of. With this under your belt, your freelance orders will start flooding in.Kelly Wright works as a freelance writer and loves to share her thoughts with others. She’s interested in photography and design.last_img read more

Preparing children for the freelance economy

first_imgThis is a post from a member of the Freelancers Union community. If you’re interested in sharing your expertise, your story, or some advice you think will help a fellow freelancer out, feel free to send your blog post to us here.If you’re a parent and a freelancer, you have a lot on your plate.One thing every parent wants to do is prepare their child for their adult lives. Part of that comes in the form of career planning. Every kid is asked what they want to be when they grow up, but few classrooms discuss freelance work. As a parent who is a freelancer, you can not only show your child an example of a freelance career, but discuss with them the joys and struggles that come with it.Below are three ways to prepare your child for the ever-growing freelance economy and other transformative business trends.Set an Example of Healthy Work and Home BoundariesOne of the most important aspects of freelancing is boundaries. Keeping your work life and home life separate is one of the most common pitfalls of working from home, but it is imperative.You can set examples of positive boundary setting in the following ways:Set aside a space (preferably a room) where all your work will be done. Don’t allow home tasks in this space, and do not complete work tasks in other parts of your home. Explain these boundaries for your children, and once they’re older, explain the tax benefits that come with having a home office and the requirements for claiming it as such.Dedicate certain times as “family only” and don’t answer work emails or texts during these times.Include your children in discussions about your schedule so they can see the work that goes into building enough time for both work and home life.Teach a strong work ethic so that your kids don’t rely on supervision in order to be productive.Teach Them Business SkillsFrom lemonade stands to youtube channels, there are lots of options for teaching kids business skills.It’s never a good idea to force your child into anything, but if they show passion for a certain activity, get them thinking about how they could monetize it. Whether that’s writing stories, creating online videos, or playacting shop ownership, it doesn’t matter if they ever make a penny. Simply creating a business model or imagining the details of what owning a business would entail is a great first step.Educate Them on FinancesFinancial education will benefit your child whether they choose a freelance career, start their own business, or work for someone else. No matter where their careers take them, a solid knowledge of finances will make life easier. Here are some ways to start financial education early on:Include children in budget discussions. “Since we have to save for this, we won’t spend as much on that this month.”Have children pay attention to prices when grocery shopping, and teach them how to assess when cheaper is a better deal and when it’s not (package sizing, quality, etc).Help them brainstorm ways to earn money for items they want.If your kids earn an allowance, allow them to decide how to spend it, but teach them the value of saving and the consequences of spending too much too soon. Sometimes they won’t have enough for what they want, and they’ll have to accept that.Once they’re teenagers, obtain them a secured credit card that they can use with some discretion. This will basically be a debit card but will help them start building credit early in life. Review monthly statements with them and offer your perspective on their spending habits.Preparing kids for adulthood is tough, but showing them the ups and downs of freelancing will help prepare them for many options in life. If they ever lose a job, they’ll be more capable of getting back on their feet and fending for themselves.Do you have tips for teaching kids economic and career skills? Share in the comments!Jeriann blogs at, exploring books, life, and the struggles of paying off student loans.last_img read more

How Slack communities can help you advance your freelance career

first_imgFreelancing can be an isolating way of working. While traditional employees are surrounded by people every day by default, working remotely means having to make deliberate efforts to connect with people. Whether it’s sharing a joke, asking for a second opinion about a new project, or finding a business partner — nothing just falls into your lap.Joining online communities is therefore essential if you want to avoid social isolation and gain the resources you need to advance your freelance career. That’s where Slack comes in.What is Slack?Launched in 2013, the messaging app Slack is used by many companies (including Scribbr) to communicate internally and has become indispensable for most remote teams. It has since moved beyond the corporate world and is used as a platform for public topic- and interest-themed communities.Slack is free of charge, approachable, and easy to use. With subject-focused channels (‘chatrooms’) and direct messaging, it allows for real-time collaboration and is a great way to stay connected.Why join a Slack community?Being part of a Slack community of like-minded professionals offers you visibility, professional advice, and access to resources that are often not shared publicly. These assets do not usually come naturally to freelancers but are critical for the growth of your freelance career. Whether it is asking for feedback on a blog post you have written or taking part in discussions about your field, Slack communities can introduce the benefits of having peers in a traditional job.Slack also gives you great insight into what your fellow freelancers are doing. While freelancers are often seen as lone wolfs, communicating with other professionals and developing a strong understanding of your industry will help advance your freelance career.Last but not least, it’s important to have fun on the job! With who else would you share these inside jokes and funny articles that your friends might not get and your feline coworking buddy won’t care about? Slack communities offer room for non-work banter and humor that make the workday enjoyable.Which Slack communities can I join?I’m personally a member of nine Slack communities. Although it’s practically impossible to be regularly active in every one, I always know I’ll have clever and helpful professionals in my field who I can ask for advice and start discussions with.Besides that, joining Slack communities in your country or region is a great way to make sure you don’t miss out on intriguing career opportunities or real-life connections.Here are some free Slack communities you might be interested in:Digital FreelancerWorld of Writers#smallbizWanderbriefHere you can find a list of Slack communities. You can also create your own community!In Scribbr’s Slack community, more than 600 international freelance editors share editing advice, discuss tricky language questions, and celebrate accomplishments.Would you like to be part of the Scribbr editor community? Test your language knowledge by taking our quiz and apply to be an English, German, Dutch or French editor.What Slack communities are you a part of?last_img read more