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Group 800 the growth rate of public comment over the United States Mission

group 800, the latest release of May 2015 China buy market statistics report shows that in May the public comment on the turnover of the group to buy the compound growth rate once again lead the industry, with more than 9.74% old rival u.s.. In terms of market share, the public comment over 30%, while the U.S. group’s share fell to 56%, the recent high-profile O2O Baidu Nuomi’s market share in May was about $9%.

previously, "twenty-first Century economic report" quoted investors held data reported in February this year, -5 months, the public comment GMV (total transaction amount) growth rate has been four consecutive months of growth in May and exceeded the U.S. group, public comment and beauty group respectively compared to the same period 146% and 118%, than the growth rate of the former is 6 times the latter the. Group 800 report further confirms the authenticity of the investor data. read more

The latest exposure to the internal mail announced the failure of financing has failed

news March 7th, billion state power network that the city Crowdsourcing distribution platform to the fresh announced funding strand breaks before the Spring Festival, due to the failure of financing to support the company operation, the termination of the project. Currently, the company has ceased operations.

founder Lu Gang said to billion state power network, the main reason to fresh capital chain is A round of financing failure, no cash accounts of the company, currently apply to enter the liquidation process. After the liquidation of the company in March will be open to the public account details, and actively deal with assets, and strive to give employees more compensation. read more