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Successful website is to do a good job of user experience

today China network in the IELTS group and many IELTS candidates together to chat, accidentally got a very good news;

said the candidates that they have training courses on the other side of the Guangzhou, the teacher in the class recommended the IELTS China Network!

although it sounds very ordinary, but for me as a complete surprise; the user would like to recommend, it is the user’s trust in you, how to obtain the trust of users, I am here to share a little of my experience, feel good, everyone likes a good, please clap brick; read more

Tear force marketing experts are so play marketing

in the "Three Kingdoms" has the largest lead aura is undoubtedly the prime minister Zhu Geliang, three, six Qishan, seven escapement Menghuo, East and north to Sun Quan, Cao Cao, received two Sichuan, eight line array. As the period of the Three Kingdoms Shu’s president and CEO, dedication from. (up to)

socia from the contemporary marketing perspective, Zhu Geliang is a master of marketing, but also well versed in the tear forced the essence of marketing. One of the most can show the wit BOY scene there are two talk rapidly, scold dead Wang Lang and lecturefield. So, today to talk about how Zhu Geliang is tearing force opponents – read more

Core tips for deep interpretation of network marketing capture user trust

network marketing a variety of forms, there are also many operational skills, such as text, press speculation, network video marketing and other forms, is all roads lead to Rome, but if you are not able to grasp the direction of travel, it may be different, not only will let you in marketing on the road lost more not to mention the success of network marketing.

In fact,

in the network marketing many methods, only one direction, that is to get the trust of users, is the so-called all martial arts, but not fast breaking, only in the network marketing mode in numerous users can only do you trust the content of marketing, even if it is successful marketing, but in fact the current a lot of marketing work and not in accordance with the core idea to do, these failures often reflected in the marketing mode of guerrilla marketing false marketing, shot for a place, there is an exaggeration of marketing, let many users to trust, eventually led to the failure of marketing. read more

On the influence of socialization wave on network marketing and ts Countermeasures

1), "social marketing" or "social media marketing", equal to "network marketing"


"socialization" seems to be a very popular, very fashionable word, through the search engine results can be seen in general: Baidu about 55 million, Google. The expansion of the word are: social networking, social marketing, social media, social media marketing, and even social electricity providers and so on (this article does not discuss the concept, not strictly distinguish). read more

Good business from the media to pull to cool to moe

[Abstract] companies believe that good content will lead to the spread of the audience, with the help of social networks, you can play a small investment in the promotion of a large effect. However, what is called good content, in itself, it is quite a headache. The author will be the three characteristics of the corporate media should be called cool cool Meng meng".

enterprises to do the media, nothing more than to content marketing, these four words is a very hot topic in the field of marketing today. In the true sense of the media have debated whether "content is king" or "channel is king", enterprise media, it is inevitable that "content is king". The reason is very simple, the enterprise to do the media, was the cost center, did not expect a profit. read more

Fashion women’s website Nasty Gal re 40 million financing

Coco Chanel (coco · Chanel) has said that in order to make their own can not be replaced, one must always be different. Perhaps it is based on this idea, the fashion industry has today’s Chanel brand. Similar to the concept of women’s electricity supplier website Nasty Gal inheritance, but also to the rapid development of the site.

site name comes from Betty Davis’s album with the same title song "Nasty Gal". Betty Davis in the wild and sexy feminist style, is regarded as a "bad woman". Electricity supplier website Nasty Gal also want to express their position, that is, badass and unapologetically sexy". read more

Advertising for the United States

In order for a gift exchange site for advertising, Idaho northern town of Santa 21, decided to take the name of the town was changed to "", meaning "secret santa". Although it is unclear whether Santa only Water Conservancy Bureau official agencies have the power to change the name of the town, but the water conservancy administration officials have voted for the name "", in order to earn a return.

read more

ZARA UNQLO Smith Barney who is the last straw that breaks the Baleno

90 Metersbonwe and UNIQLO, Baleno and Giordano in 80. Once let many people feel that the double face of Baleno, is facing the fate of bondage.

recently announced that the Hongkong Yongjia Group subsidiary – Shanghai Baleno Kingdom Limited intends to sell 250 million yuan. Texwinca said, companies are restructuring, the sale of Baleno can optimize resources, and then set side is Baleno’s potential distributors – Delta Shanghai Industrial Co. ltd..

According to

texwinca in 2015 second, the three quarter earnings, the group’s two big business – textile business and retail business, the former has experienced three consecutive fiscal year after falling in the first half of fiscal year 2016, a 15.5% year-on-year increase, sales increase of 22.2%, gross margin improved from 21.9% to 22.5%; the latter is only 0.5% increase recorded an operating loss of 53 million yuan. Baleno’s performance in continuous negative growth, the contribution to the group’s decline in retail business. On the other hand, as UNIQLO textile business generation business, the order continues to increase, the group’s revenue contribution rising. read more

Ctrip push the first shopping tour business platform Tesco three spell domain name protection

renamed Chinese ( February 6th – the day before, Ctrip tourism officially launched its first shopping business platform Tesco Tour "(, provide a convenient to buy souvenirs, local products and shopping platform souvenir for tourists," tour Tesco "domain of concern.


: Tesco

TourIt is reported that the launch of

, Ctrip Travel "travel shopping business platform, a collection of global high-quality suppliers, complete category, and the destination of travel and shopping integration, launched online orders, convenient mode, pick up the line", the user can also choose the airport or hotel delivery delivery, saving time and effort. read more

Group 800 the growth rate of public comment over the United States Mission

group 800, the latest release of May 2015 China buy market statistics report shows that in May the public comment on the turnover of the group to buy the compound growth rate once again lead the industry, with more than 9.74% old rival u.s.. In terms of market share, the public comment over 30%, while the U.S. group’s share fell to 56%, the recent high-profile O2O Baidu Nuomi’s market share in May was about $9%.

previously, "twenty-first Century economic report" quoted investors held data reported in February this year, -5 months, the public comment GMV (total transaction amount) growth rate has been four consecutive months of growth in May and exceeded the U.S. group, public comment and beauty group respectively compared to the same period 146% and 118%, than the growth rate of the former is 6 times the latter the. Group 800 report further confirms the authenticity of the investor data. read more

The latest exposure to the internal mail announced the failure of financing has failed

news March 7th, billion state power network that the city Crowdsourcing distribution platform to the fresh announced funding strand breaks before the Spring Festival, due to the failure of financing to support the company operation, the termination of the project. Currently, the company has ceased operations.

founder Lu Gang said to billion state power network, the main reason to fresh capital chain is A round of financing failure, no cash accounts of the company, currently apply to enter the liquidation process. After the liquidation of the company in March will be open to the public account details, and actively deal with assets, and strive to give employees more compensation. read more