Xining police come to yonehisa old ID card

is a community police, in order to give a 88 year old man do ID ran back, this is the Xining Municipal Public Security Bureau a trifle in the "visit" comment on police activities, but the old man moved in and around the masses.

not long ago, the provincial capital of South Beach community police station Yue Yonghui visited that area of a 88 year old man with years of pulmonary heart disease, out of action inconvenience, his relatives hope that old homes will be able to take the ID photo, and apply for identity cards.

Yue Yonghui back to the police station, asked the City Public Security Bureau of household brigade, received a positive response. Then, he went to the old man’s home, collect ID card photos, photos…… 22, 2009, the police Yue Yonghui will be in the hands of the elderly. See the police station in order to give the elderly to do ID busy, the elderly and the surrounding masses deeply moved.

Xining Municipal Public Security Bureau in the "visit" comment on police activities, police requirements based on their own work, from the implementation of convenient measures, do little things to actively solve problems for the masses, and strive to put every little thing and do it.


Xining and Haibei pilot part of the county government to buy the social forces of food and Drug Safe

from the provincial food and drug administration, the provincial food and Drug Administration and the Provincial Department of Finance jointly issued the "government purchase food and Drug Safety Association service implementation measures to social forces" (hereinafter referred to as the "measures") and "the government to buy the social forces of food and Drug Safety Association service pilot work plan", from the month in the city of Xining and Haibei Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, part of the county government to carry out the pilot, buy food and Drug Safety Association of services to the social forces.

It is reported that in 2015

, Xining City, East Sea city, Haixi Mongolian Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture of Golmud city and Delingha city community and urban high department as the focus of the pilot, and gradually open the government to buy food and Drug Safety Association of services to the social forces.

In addition, the

provides that the government to buy food and drug safety compliance services, mainly to social organizations or enterprises to buy food and drug safety assistant positions. The main duties of coordinators for jobs, to assist the food and drug regulatory department of the major food and drug safety accidents and illegal cases, carried out within the jurisdiction of the food and drug safety inspection, food and drug illegal information collection, distribution of food and drug safety knowledge publicity materials etc.. XieGuanYuan determined, by the food and drug regulatory authorities and to undertake the main food and drug safety association signed a service contract, coordinators perform their duties according to the contract obligations by the Department of finance to pay monthly basic pay, at the end of the performance appraisal of qualified coordinators, will be a one-time full payment of annual performance pay. According to standard of payment over the minimum wage calculation, and Xining City Haidong two XieGuanYuan subsidy per month not less than 1250 yuan, Hainan Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, Haibei Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture of Huangnan Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture and three state subsidy per month not less than 1260 yuan, the Haixi Mongolian Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, Golog Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture and Yushu Tibetan Autonomous three state subsidy per month not less than 1270 yuan.


Xining daily increase of 170 vehicles to maintain the amount of 266 thousand

In the first half of this year, a total of more than 24000 new vehicles in Xining City, the average daily increase of up to 170 vehicles. The morning of August 9th, in charge of public security traffic management work of the Xining Municipal Public Security Bureau deputy director Gao Keyu introduced, with the improvement of living standard, more and more people buy vehicles, road traffic supply and demand increasing contradiction. Relevant data show that in the first half of this year, Xining new motor vehicles 24816, the average daily increase of 170, higher than the average annual number of last year, the number of 30%. In addition to the number of new vehicles is also proportional to the first half of this year, Xining, a total of 20514 new drivers. Up to now, the number of motor vehicles in Xining has reached more than 26.6 vehicles, with a driver of 382 thousand people. A large increase in the number of motor vehicles, traffic safety management to increase a lot of pressure, but also led to frequent traffic accidents. Xining city traffic police detachment statistics show that in the first half of this year, a total of 210 road traffic accidents occurred in Xining, killing 54 people were killed and 290 injured, compared with the same period last year, the number of casualties increased by more than 37.  

Provincial People’s Congress Standing Committee held the twelve meeting of the seventy-fourth

4 12, twelve National People’s Congress Standing Committee held the seventy-fourth meeting of the directors, deputy director of the provincial people’s Congress, Deng Bentai expensive hair, Ma Wei, Cao Hong, Secretary General Jia Yingzhong attended the meeting. Deng Bentai presided over the meeting.

meeting discussed the provincial people’s Congress Standing Committee on the twelve session of the Standing Committee of the provincial people’s Congress of the twenty-sixth meeting of the proposed issues and the date of the meeting, listened to the relevant departments to report on the preparation of the proposed issue.

meeting listened to the provincial people’s Congress on the twelve Provincial People’s Congress on the arrangement of the views of the NPC Standing Committee of the seventeenth.

, deputy secretary of the provincial people’s Congress Standing Committee, the provincial Commission for discipline inspection organs of the National People’s Congress in the province discipline inspection group, the special committee of the provincial people’s Congress, the office of the election committee, the provincial people’s Congress supervision personnel on behalf of the responsible person, director of the office hall to attend the meeting.


Xining City Health Bureau Youth League actively participate in the 54 theatrical performances

is the 93 anniversary of China to commemorate the 90 anniversary of the Communist Youth League was established and the "54" movement, singing "patriotism, progress, democracy and science" 54 volunteer spirit, carry forward the spirit of "dedication, friendship, mutual assistance and progress and selfless dedication to the spirit of Lei Feng, to inspire young people who love the party, patriotism, love home enthusiasm, to create a" chuangxianzhengyou good atmosphere for example, exciting youth to promote harmony, Health Bureau of Xining city in May 4th the Communist Youth League organizations and units subordinate backbone members to watch the group municipal Party committee held by the youth – example – power "as the core of the art show. In the performance, the Xining Municipal Health Bureau Youth League selected six young literary backbone and the Municipal Public Security Bureau, the city fire brigade Youth League, participated in the drama drama "backbone" of the show, and a complete success.
in the program before the formal performance, I selected the Youth League members in the daily work of the busy work, time in rehearsal. In the drama group under the guidance of the teacher, every action is a serious practice batted. And carry forward the spirit of group cooperation, not only with the Municipal Public Security Bureau Youth League, city fire brigade Youth League in the performance of the tacit understanding, but also forged a profound friendship.


The traditional moon cake festival blooming delicacy

"this mooncake is nice and delicious. Sell it to me!" In September 14th, Xining Township interest farming culture ecological park, organized by the city district government, Chengbei District Science and Technology Bureau of sports and tourism of Qinghai folk traditional culture on traditional delicacy moon cake, moon cake moon cake festival in rural villagers making excellent flavor and taste, tourists eager to buy.

it is understood that the rich mid autumn festival activities, North District government, North District Science and Technology Bureau of sports and tourism organized a "mid autumn feast": invite people into the township interest stage large-scale theatrical performances, the country Handmade traditional moon cake and special snack exhibition, photography exhibition, martial arts, paper cutting, embroidery exhibition, Flower Concert also, open-air cinema and bonfire party, let tourists with interest, linger. Qinghai folk traditional moon cake and Exhibition for farm use Handmade, Monascus, fenugreek and other edible pigment, moon cake surface and manually made the "flower", the big steamer a large opening Steamed Buns unique blooming moon cake festival.

reporter learned that the set of recognized species of adoption, planting area, picking area, acres of ornamental flowers, science and technology achievements exhibition area, the farmers performing arts training area, leisure tourism, rural culture exhibition area, dining area, self driving camp in more than and 10 functional areas in one of the Xining Township interest farming culture ecological park planning and construction is perfect, break a distinctive path of development of rural tourism in Qinghai. Since this year, attracted to Xining Township interest farming culture ecological park of domestic and foreign tourists continue to grow, the tourist season every day tourists reached thousands of people, including from the United States, South Korea, many foreign and foreign tourists. North of the city’s rural fun moon cake festival, so that tourists from both inside and outside the province ahead of a Qinghai with a special flavor of the mid autumn festival. (author: Wen Ling)

Xining with a satellite to burn straw burning administrative area will be subject to heavy penalties

days ago, the Xining Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau and the Xining Municipal Agriculture Bureau jointly issued the "emergency circular" on the strengthening of the straw Jinshao work, any units and individuals are prohibited to burn straw in the administrative area of the city, on the part of the region will focus on monitoring the implementation of satellite remote sensing.

September 9th, the Xining Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau responsible person, in order to prevent the phenomenon of straw burning rebound, the environmental protection department on the part of the implementation of regional satellite remote sensing monitoring point, 5 km of main monitoring area of Xining city county, three counties around 5 km range; Xining airport; Qinghai Tibet railway, Nanjing highway, 109 State Road, Xiping Expressway West, Huang highway, west highway, highway, Ning Ning Expressway two km Xining segment each other on both sides; other key areas and the scope of the provisions of laws and regulations. Satellite remote sensing monitoring the focus of the regional, city and county (District) environmental protection department of the inspection, strengthen the law enforcement, the burning of straw will be strict penalties. Causing serious consequences of air pollution, fire accidents, resulting in significant loss of property or personal injury, will be investigated for criminal responsibility according to law. At the same time, the environmental behavior of burning straw pollution, any unit and individual can actively report. Tel: 12369123456311110 6145349 6143915


Three dimensional Xining ready

What’s the panorama of Xining? In addition to the map and sand table, the future can also be used in digital planning management platform in the computer to see three-dimensional, three-dimensional Xining. August 7th, the reporter learned that, after the investment of 4 million yuan, Xining digital planning management platform has been initially completed, began trial run. Xining digital planning management platform is divided into three phases, the administrative documents, project approval, the digital city of three parts. After the completion of the platform will be on the city planning and construction and construction of various types of dynamic information at any time to monitor and collect, for the preparation of planning, implementation planning, illegal acts to provide fast service. Xining city has commissioned a professional company in Beijing city to carry out 3D virtual simulation system of production work, and complete the construction of the Xining Railway Station square, city digital information platform area north of the central square, sunning Plaza, founding business district etc.. In the future, through this virtual reality aided decision information system, only a few minutes, you can visit the panoramic view of Xining and the streets. At present, the fine management of digital planning platform has been completed, the end of the year will start two.  

Production safety is the bottom line red line requirements

The afternoon of January 15th, the national television and telephone conference, the province’s production safety, mayor Wang Yubo immediately chaired the city’s production safety work conference, conscientiously study and implement the general secretary Xi Jinping and Premier Li Keqiang important instructions required to implement the television and telephone conference, the deployment of the city’s production safety work arrangement. Wang Yubo stressed that the safety production is a vital event, all regions and departments, enterprises and institutions, the bottom line of the red line work requirements. We should firmly establish people-oriented, the concept of safety first, innovation of production safety management mode, strengthen the basic work of production safety, enhance the supervision of law enforcement and emergency response capabilities, prevention and cure, happen to the iron wrist and resolutely curb serious accidents.

Wang Yubo, to earnestly learn the painful lessons of recent accidents continuously in other areas, to maintain a high degree of vigilance on production safety work, always tighten the string of safety, pay more attention on the thought, in action more conscious, more solid work, to prevent the omission of the investigation, to prevent the responsibility to prevent lax supervision lack of efforts to promote the city’s production safety and the ability to continuously improve the security level. To do a good job during the Spring Festival, and NPC and CPPCC production safety work in a prominent position, to implement more strict management, adopt more effective measures to ensure the investigation in place, rectification in place, supervision in place, and strive to create a safe holiday environment and stable social environment for the masses.

Wang Yubo stressed that the safety production weightier than Mount Tai. To strengthen the responsibility of the five aspects, one is to strengthen the responsibility of the party committees at all levels of production safety, safety work into the important agenda. Two is to strengthen the government’s responsibility for production safety. Who who is responsible for the territory, who is in charge of the jurisdiction. Three is to strengthen the regulatory responsibilities of industry management. To adhere to the pipe industry must pipes, pipe business must control security, pipe production and management must be safe "and" who is in charge, who is responsible, who is issuing, who is responsible "principle, effectively fulfill the safe production management responsibilities. Four is to strengthen the supervision of production safety supervision responsibilities. Strengthen the analysis of the situation of production safety judgments, strengthen supervision and supervision, and earnestly implement the safety in place. Five is to strengthen the main responsibility for production safety. To ensure that the institutions of enterprise safety production sound, sound system, management in place, put in place to ensure the effective implementation of enterprise safety hazards investigation and management.

vice mayor Xu Guocheng attended the meeting.


Xining city police issued four off a thorough investigation of illegal police cars

recently, the Ministry of Public Security issued by the Ministry of public security to reward the public security organs to report police vehicles and vehicles involved in violation of the rules, clear 9 types of violations of the police car, citizens can get paid reports. May 7th, the provincial capital of the police issued four off a thorough investigation of illegal police cars.


approach defined on the following violations of citizens to report, after verification is true, as the case may be a certain amount of reward: police public security organs, the police are smuggling, robbery, illegal detention, borrowing units or private, should be scrapped, spell outfit (Group) do not meet national safety standards; misappropriation, apply, use of forged or altered car license plate, license plate; lend police; police not lawfully registered or incomplete; without spraying police appearance standard, or the installation of police sirens, indicator lamps; drunk driving, or without obtaining a driving license, during motor vehicle driving license is revoked or temporarily driving the police; non emergency official driving the police car speeding, do not obey the traffic signs, do not obey the traffic police management The siren, abuse and other traffic violations; driving the police car, wedding, funeral and illegal participation for social vehicle road; the illegal production and sale of car license plate and other special signs, or the use of police vehicles and special signs, posing as police trickster. Vehicles involved in the case, illegal detention, seizure, misappropriation, not in accordance with the provisions of the proper custody of the vehicle involved in violation of legal procedures and requirements of the disposal of the vehicle involved.

"measures" provisions, reward is limited in principle real-name reporting/real-name whistleblowing violations, clues anonymous report, to determine the true identity of informants in the investigation after the treatment, at the discretion of reward, the maximum amount of 500 yuan. A citizen may by telephone, mail and other means (010 – 66262212; Tel: Fax: 010 – 66262277; communication address: Beijing City, Dongcheng District Chang’an Avenue No. 14 east ministry of Public Security Bureau police inspector special management office, post encoding: 100741) to report the public security organs and the police vehicle violations to the Ministry of public security.

Xining city public security organs and police vehicles involved violations of special management leadership team, request the public security organs to intensify the rectification of outstanding issues, so the vehicle registration is not clear, not the source of the vehicle whereabouts unknown miss, seizure and disposal of vehicles involved not clear why miss, the use of license plate is not clear off, to ensure that the city’s public security the police authorities and the vehicle involved special treatment work. Special management leadership team to set a police vehicle license plate registration list, the public security organs involved in the vehicle registration list and the registration form, the hand drawn composed of two special inspection teams to check the basic units by car. In the registration process, the police vehicles and vehicles involved in the classification of violations, and submit a report to the higher level, the next step to study the solution.