College students to suspend business achievements deductible credits

a lot of college students are not satisfied with the graduation after the start of the school during the use of the Internet, such as the beginning of the road to entrepreneurship. Recently, the Ministry of Education announced the latest draft regulations of the University, the college students will be allowed to start the business can be used to offset credit results.

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Anhui, the four finalists in the world to raise public projects to raise the top 500

for every entrepreneur, entrepreneurial project selection is a critical factor, at the same time around also continue to hold some business conference, in order to inspire people to stimulate entrepreneurship, good business projects, the first World Conference in Anhui province has raised four entrepreneurial projects selected.

10 9, the first World Conference of 500 projects in Anhui to raise the public election race held in Lu’an City, for the participation of 14 entrepreneurial projects in our province, Anhui Province, Lu’an Guapian tea Limited by Share Ltd and other 4 entrepreneurial projects to raise the public world talent shows itself, its 500 strong project qualification, they will have the opportunity to get the world to raise public billion yuan investment and a new conference board five chance.

the election race by everyone voted Lu’an station host. 500 projects will be in the General Assembly roadshow site, the final finalists in the top 100, the top 10 and the top of the project, will be able to get the public to raise funds to invest, and the opportunity to raise the public on the Guiyang Stock Exchange listed on the issue of trading. Everyone voted Lu’an station of Ma Xiangbing said that the current national advocacy of "public entrepreneurship, innovation", to raise the public Internet era to promote an important means of financing, business innovation, for the development of small and micro finance as well as the construction of multi-level capital market, has important significance.

under a background like this, but also can see the whole Anhui province business strength is still there, at the same time, this kind of entrepreneurial success, for the development of the whole society is a remarkable thing.


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Have the children joined what error – the whole

children’s clothing is the current development of a good project, a lot of people see the future opportunities for children’s clothing, want to invest in this project, if you want to do a good job, you need to pay attention to which children’s clothing to join the misunderstanding? Xiao Bian for us to do a detailed introduction.

children’s clothing into the wrong 1, anyone can open children’s clothing store. Many people believe that the opening of children’s clothing stores to join the brand of investor education, IQ requirements are not high, children’s clothing to join what is wrong? Anyone is fit. In fact, the opening of the children’s clothing store on the investor’s personality, ability, experience is required.

children’s clothing to join the error 2, the package does not lose the money to buy and sell. Children’s clothing to join the mature business model, children’s clothing to join the wrong? However, the benefits and risks are always in the same place, absolutely guaranteed not to make money does not exist, therefore, entrepreneurs should be rational treatment of children’s clothing to join, there must be a sense of risk and psychological endurance.

children’s wear into the wrong 3, once and for all investment. Some investors believe that after the children’s clothing can be joined to do nothing, everything is managed by the headquarters, just waiting to enjoy their achievements. In fact, this kind of pie in the sky is impossible. Children’s clothing to join the wrong? Children’s clothing franchisee in order to succeed, you need to work together with their headquarters. Otherwise, even if the headquarters in an effort to play the role of guidance, supervision, and children’s clothing franchisees do not make their own investment, then the last only to stand in the queue losers.

above three is to do a good job in children’s clothing we need to understand the relevant knowledge, only to avoid their own into these errors, can let us in the process of success in the hope of greater. The operator can also let the children joined investment projects more clearly see this industry, to earn a plateful of gold, treasure life


Employment is difficult to build a single plank bridge harder to create jobs

from the college entrance examination of the college students know the hardships of squeezing a single plank bridge. After graduation, however, they still have to work on this single plank bridge. So there are many students turn to choose entrepreneurship. But entrepreneurship is not so simple a thing.

2015, the "diving" in the business tide of students, like a group of fish, hidden in the depth of the river where the crackling sound, diving out, looking forward to a "Longmen". Dahe reporter found in the visit, on the road from "looking for jobs" to "rice bowl", the majority of students seem to be excited above the passion and impulse than thought, some even a little confused.

2015 in December, the Ministry of education requirements: since 2016, all colleges and universities to set up entrepreneurship education curriculum innovation into credit management, and the establishment of innovation and entrepreneurship scholarship; willingness to have the entrepreneurial students, offering business guidance and training course; the practice has been carried out entrepreneurial students, carry out business management training……

How to learn

for students, not only in Henan and send empty talk, "the real thing": Business Incubator waiting for small bosses to "a" space free, free, free property management, water free.

Wu Yi mountain Hot pot to join the brand – net rotation

How to perfect the

catering market how to contribute to the hot pot food. Hot pot has always been the focus of catering business projects, has been loved by the vast number of consumers and sought after. Where Yi Shan Wu rotation Hot pot based on traditional Hot pot on the bold innovation and change, launched a rotation rotation mode Hot pot, Wu Yi mountain rotation Hot pot is definitely popular on both sides of the Changjiang River, franchisees good investment projects.

Wu Yi mountain in the form of products and Hot pot rotation much innovation, not only changed the Hot pot style, dining form, change the inherent image of classical Hot pot in the dining environment, the style of decoration, the shop became Hot pot fashion, and customers also have more selective, save more labor costs than the traditional hot pot, more the degree of productivity and production efficiency, the Hot pot ingredients placed in containers placed on the conveyor belt, conveyor belt around the restaurant as the line, customers can choose different ingredients according to personal preferences. In the face of the hot pot industry, the current situation of the development of the rotation of the rotating block is the trend.

Yi Shan Wu rotation hot pot brand to join

Yi Shan Wu rotation pot created a new miracle of the hot pot, set off a hot pursuit of the rotation of the restaurant market hot pot. More healthy dining concept and relaxed fashion dining environment, and now, Yi Shan Wu rotary hot pot once again issued a wealth of wealth after the reorganization, inviting many franchisees earn money together!

Yi Wu Shan rotating hot pot attention, health delicious, unique, well received by consumers, widely praised by the industry. Yi Shan Wu rotary hot pot is quite strong, can be eaten throughout the year, all the year round to earn, is absolutely the most cost-effective to join the project. Now join Yi Shan Wu rotating hot pot, less investment, low risk, what are you waiting for?

if you are interested in investing in this rotation, please leave a message below our website, we will arrange our staff to contact you when you see the message.

Excellent food as what join advantage – how steamed whole

in China’s food and beverage franchise industry, many investors are entangled in the project for their investment projects. In fact, Xiao Bian think there are some rigid requirements of the project although seemingly ordinary but worth the investment, add some new era color on the basis of the traditional, and careful management, then you will get what you want the economic benefits.

steamed stuffed bun is a traditional Chinese food, has been the favorite of consumers. And steamed stuffed bun industry is also a good choice for entrepreneurs to join. Excellent steamed stuffed bun is a famous brand of steamed stuffed bun, not only taste unique, but also rich in nutrition, by consumers Pro gaze. Join the excellent food up steamed stuffed bun, do delicious steamed stuffed bun business, is a very good business, so excellent food up steamed stuffed bun join fee how much?

excellent eat steamed bun is how much?

you eat up the steamed stuffed bun flexible mode of operation, not only can takeaway business, sit store sales, can be sold in the canteen or batch into supermarkets, canteens, whether it is morning in school, shopping malls or commercial areas surrounding the sale, sale, or noon takeaway shop, will allow you to lucrative, Houguwuyou. In addition, excellent food as baozi for businesses to provide a small rich platform, the minimum investment is only 1~3 million, but for businesses to provide a number of business support and investment protection, to ensure that businesses can easily profit


to join the brand has the following advantages:

1, assist store store location and shop decoration measurement.

2, dealers to provide store photos, detailed plane size, headquarters in accordance with the size of the size of the map to provide free store image design.

3, headquarters use brand advantage, and constantly develop new products, excellent food steamed stuffed bun to join the chain will be the latest products to the market, to ensure sales hot.

4, headquarters free brand management training courses, including marketing skills, product display, product knowledge, etc..

5, headquarters regularly send professional trainers to store on-site guidance, free of charge to provide business guidance.

6, headquarters to arrange advertising to promote the rapid development of the brand in the national market.

7. is headquartered in the contract area development of second partners allows you to do a business.

delicious and healthy, unique formula, a large number of varieties, diners queuing perennial Buying, selling seasons, earn a different. Now as long as 3-5 square meters store will be able to open an excellent food and beverage catering snacks to join the store, enjoy the financial resources.


College Students’ entrepreneurial real well-off society led the villagers for Agaricus brasiliensis

the difficult employment of college students has become the norm, many college students choose home business, and make full use of rural resources to entrepreneurs, led the development of home economy, obtain the public affirmation, this does not, the boy had to choose to return home after graduation entrepreneurship planting agaricus.

guide workers cleaning bacteria

nostalgia files: Li Fuping, 1979 born in Anlong county anzhen small dragon Chang Ba Cun; 2003 graduated from Guizhou University in agronomy, Xingyi city orange Hill Working Committee, 2010, founder of the leading home at Anlong county agricultural farmer cooperatives.

7 7, just before dawn, Anlong county anzhen small dragon Chang Ba Cun of Yilong mushroom Park bacteria farmers began a busy day.

side of accounting accountant Zhao Tingyan said: "since mid June has been closed since the mining of fruit, fresh mushrooms more than and 50 tons."

Not far from

, a new edible fungus cleaning machine is flow. The villagers Tan Zhixian smile: "on duty at 7 in the morning every day to work, work at 6 in the afternoon, the higher monthly income of 3000 yuan, and the city people to work no two


4 years short, Anlong county anzhen small dragon Chang Ba Cun from impoverished village move a well-off village, led the county wide dragon, rain, Pingle, Ping Pu Township more than 180 households, radiation driven employment of more than 2000 people, the development of greenhouse 615, the average net income of 42 thousand yuan.

[leader] with folks off

12 years ago, Li Fuping graduated from the College of agriculture, Guizhou University, to the work of the Xingyi orange hill work, soon became a member of the work of the orange hill, deputy director of production technology, research and development center director.

2005 years, Li Fuping, a contract for the edible fungus factory. "I think, in addition to second years to pay off the credit rent, actually also earned two million."

2008 years, Li Fuping learned that the young people are out of the home to work, leaving the elderly, children at home, on the initiation of the village to start a business recommendation

Crazy roast wings

barbecue out of food seems to have a unique taste, deeply attracted chowhound friends, especially grilled wings foods taste it is a must. Baked wings in the snack industry is very rapid development, which is crazy crazy wings, whether it is a franchisee or consumers, because it is crazy, no one can. Crazy wings once asked the city was berserk, became the first capital of wing, speed hot beverage industry. Crazy wings franchise, let everyone together, for a time, "Crazy" wave hit on both sides of the Changjiang River.

crazy grilled wings why can sell the product so crazy, sell such a fire, because it is the taste of the absolute. Crazy roast wings join? From the nomadic people of Mongolia curing methods, unique mellow. Increase the taste of the product of coke, incense, tender, cool features, you can maintain a large degree of chicken wings moisture, do not shrink, baked paste, greatly improve the yield. Nutrition and health, and girls will not eat fat.

can make such a delicious world, one of which is because of the seasoning of its products is very unique. Crazy roast wings join? From Xinjiang, Turpan, a variety of flavors baked, in addition to the common cumin, spicy, but also has a variety of condiments and sauces are not available on the market. This fragrance, let ‘s smell to quit, eat pig promised never to return to Gao laozhuang!

crazy grilled wings can not only make such a delicious, and its unique baking technology is also very ornamental. Crazy roast wings join? From the African barbecue techniques, both fat dissolved, and will penetrate into the meat chicken seasoning, add tender taste. Highly performing, often surrounded by diners around the edge of watching, and some diners can not help but want to do it yourself. More and more people naturally gathered, business, of course, hot every day.

is the three advantage, will be crazy grilled wings business is very prosperous. How about the crazy grilled wings? Wing fans crazy to bake wings flaunt themselves, friends of the wings to eat crazy roast wings for fun, wing ye to join the crazy roasted wings for the industry. Walk in the forefront of domestic food and beverage franchise investment trends.